How Top Test-Takers Consistently Finish in Top 1%? (Book)

(The book lays equal emphasis on non-academic practices, without which it’s hard to build strong academic foundation. You can read below to learn more on this or click on the following cover image to visit the Amazon page of the book directly.)

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Do you face one or more of following thoughts or situations?

I struggle to motivate myself to study. Often, I’ve to drag myself to the study table.
I can’t concentrate. I get distracted easily.
Despite putting in the effort I mostly underperform.
Howsoever hard I try, I can’t reach the level of top students.
I put in lot of hours, but I finish much less stuff than I want.
Anxiety because of fear of failure in exams adversely affects my performance.

You’re not alone if you face these challenges. Many do.

For Many, Main Challenge Arises from Non-Academic Factors

noun_837799_51A7F9If you notice, many of these challenges – motivation, self-belief, distraction, anxiety, and inefficiency – have nothing to do with core academics.

If you lack motivation, for example, you simply won’t be able to put in the grunt work required to get a good standing in school or college, let alone do well in hyper-competitive entrance exams. And without effort, things move only in fantasy. If you lack motivation, you’ll give up at the first few hurdles itself – uncomfortable topics, a mock test gone wrong, difficult problems, and so on.

If you can’t control distractions, you’ll waste many precious hours every day. (Many don’t realize that as brief a distraction as sending a quick text can set them back by several minutes.)

However, if you control these, you build a foundation that makes acquiring strong academic skills a reality. Otherwise, it’s tough. Top test-takers have a much stronger foundation than others when it comes to these soft, non-academic factors.

Because these non-academic factors play an important role in academic success, the book lays strong emphasis on them (see Table of Content below). Besides, the book covers the academic practices of top test-takers.

Content from Experience

noun_374994_51A7F9First of all, lot of content in the book comes from experience: my experience and that of other test-takers of writing – and finishing in top 1-percentile – diverse set of extremely competitive exams at the national and international level.

Table of Content


Part of the content in the book comes from this blog; most other from outside. Of the content that comes from the blog, the best has been picked and has been parsed and mixed with other content for faster, easier read.

The book contains plenty of examples and each chapter ends with action points for immediate adoption.

Chapter 1 – How to Stay Motivated for the Cause?

Chapter 2 – How to Improve Your Self-Belief?

Chapter 3 – You Can Do What the Best Can

Chapter 4 – Hard Work Is Necessary… but Not Sufficient

Chapter 5 – How to Control Procrastination?

Chapter 6 – Understand Concepts

Chapter 7 – Adopt Spaced Repetition to Retain What You Learn

Chapter 8 – How to Study Liberal Arts Subjects?

Chapter 9 – How to Study Quantitative Subjects?

Chapter 10 – Improve Focus: Pull off Undistracted, Long Hours?

Chapter 11 – Improve Focus: More Steps

Chapter 12 – Get the Most out of Mock Tests

Chapter 13 – Buildup to the Exam Day

Chapter 14 – Night before the Exam

Chapter 15 – Exam Day

Chapter 16 – How to Make the Change Happen?

Who Is This Book For?

noun_985418_51A7F9It is for those who want to learn what it takes to perform consistently well in challenging exams at the highest level.

It’ll also serve those who aren’t specifically looking at such exams, but want to be more effective in their studies.

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