How to Overcome Test-Taking Anxiety – Steps for 4 Phases of the Exam?

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Have you ever sabotaged your chances in an exam because you were overly nervous?Have you blanked-out, even for minutes?Or have you find it difficult to concentrate while taking a test?Burdened by expectations, fear of failure, and poor time management skills among other reasons, many students face these situations.According to this study, 25 to 40 percent of students experience test anxiety. And, as you may have experienced, anxiety can have deleterious effect on your performance. One study found that highly test-anxious students score about 12 percentile points below their less anxious peers. This is average, though; some, of course, perform way below this.You may be prepared to the teeth, but test-anxiety may still undo weeks and months of hard work in a matter of few hours.And when?When it probably matters the most!

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