This blog focuses primarily on English language skills.

English language

You’ll learn what it takes to become fluent in English language, both spoken and written. Lot of stuff will come from my own experiences, my observations of absolute beginners at Freedom English Academy and other people around, and what research and best practices say. In many of the posts, you’ll see nuances and details you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

Looking at people fluent in English, many believe they’re naturally gifted, have a different grey matter. That’s one of the biggest myths. Scientists and experts have provided plentiful evidence against this myth, yet it exists. And irony is that this very belief – that you can’t compete with the best because you don’t have that natural talent – stops you from making an effort.

In reality, people achieve fluency through several small steps taken consistently over years. Lots of practice. Good habits. And persistence.

Anyone, irrespective of her/ his background, can become fluent. It takes time, though. Therefore, you need to blend in relevant practice… today, and not wait few years till you’re done with your academic and other pursuits. By then it’ll be too late. (Learn why English language skills are so important and why their importance will further grow in future here.)


You’ll also learn about topics such as grit, growth mindset, and deliberate practice that actually determine your long-term success.

On these topics as well, you’ll find lots of content flowing from my own experience, experiences of others, best practices, and research.


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