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What Is Roger Bannister’s True Legacy? Is Another Roger Building Similar Legacy?

2018-11-12T22:53:40+00:00By |Why Only Few Succeed Big?|

In his death on 03 March 2018, Sir Roger Bannister left an enduring legacy that is much bigger than his breathtaking run more than six decades back.

On 06 May 1954, a skinny Oxford medical student, Roger Bannister, became the first person to run a mile under four minutes, an achievement widely regarded as one of the defining sporting achievements of the twentieth century. Prior to this day, coaches and athletes believed that running a mile under four minutes is beyond human prowess.

However, what happened in the following weeks and months was even more astounding, and defines his true legacy.

3 Essential Grammar Rules for Spoken English

2018-11-22T21:56:54+00:00By |Grammar|

Some believe that better grammar means better spoken English.

That’s mistaken.

Once you know basic grammar such as tenses, prepositions, different forms of verbs, and subject-verb agreement, additional dose of grammar won’t shine your spoken English further. What you need, instead, is more speaking practice. More inputs – listening and reading.

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How to Speak Fluent English – A Comprehensive Guide?

This post is for beginners who are struggling with even basic grammar and don’t know which part of the grammar to start from to make their spoken English better at least from the perspective of not making silly grammatically errors such as:

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