How to Minimize Silly Mistakes in Exams?

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Have you ever missed a zero, or added instead of subtracting, or put the decimal in the wrong place in math paper?

Have you ever failed to answer a question fully because you missed one of its sub-questions?

Have you ever misread a question and, as a result, answered it in a tangential direction?

These are all silly mistakes, and they’re big sins because you lose those marks which were 99 percent yours.

How do you avoid these careless mistakes in exams?

13 Test Taking Strategies Top Test-Takers Use

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Have you failed to complete a test paper because you ran out of time?

Have you blanked out on seeing a tough test paper?

Have you been routinely losing marks because of silly mistakes?

And what if you were not in your peak state of mind while taking that important test?

These aren’t uncommon situations. Many struggle with these and many other issues while writing exams, which you can better cope with if you’ve a good test-taking strategy.

How to Stay Awake All Night to Study – Learn 11 Healthy Ways?

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A big submission due tomorrow? Or maybe an exam where you’ve a mountain to climb in a single night? Willy-nilly, most students need to pull out that occasional all-nighter to atone for procrastination.

How can you make an all-nighter, first of all, feasible (it’s tough, isn’t it?) and, then, less taxing on your body?

In this post, I’ll cover how to pull off an all-nighter, what to do the next day to recover fast, and when you must absolutely avoid an all-nighter.

6 Test-Taking Strategies for Multiple Choice Exams [With Examples and Data]

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Ever got stuck on multiple-choice questions in a test where you were not certain about the answer? Or, you had to rush through the last few questions due to paucity of time.

When faced with such situations, the best you can do is eliminate as many options as possible and make an educated guess.

Educated guess!

Yes, that’s one of the obvious multiple-choice test-taking strategy top students follow.

But, are you really making educated guesses?

Or, are you just randomly picking one of the remaining (after eliminating the options you can) options?