Why Study-Breaks? What Are Some Effective Study-Break Ideas?

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Alejandro Lleras, Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in his acclaimed study, found that brief diversion from your task can dramatically improve your ability to focus on a task for prolonged periods.

Your experience, too, will tell you that when you study without break for long duration, say 90 minutes, you tend to lose focus, your mind starts wavering.

So, if you’ve been slogging hard for over an hour on your assignment or for exam, you may be working well below your potential. Wasting time, in other words.

Moreover, you also need to be intentional about what you should be doing during those study-breaks, otherwise they’ll be less effective.

In this post, I’ll first cover why study breaks make you more productive and, toward the end, what are some good and some bad study-break ideas.

Top Test-Takers Take Mock Tests Differently

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If you’re like most, then you take mock tests with following goals in mind: see where your preparation stands (or how much you score); test yourself in exam conditions; and hone your time management skills.

But top test-takers approach mock tests differently. They go beyond these:

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