250+ Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

2019-01-12T12:12:35+05:30By |Pronunciation, Spoken English|

Non-native speakers mispronounce by the dozen every day. Even fluent speakers. Even those working in high-paying white-collar jobs.

Why can’t they correct these pronunciation mistakes? Why have they been repeating these mistakes for years, even decades.

The answer is this question: will they take corrective steps when they don’t even know they’re mispronouncing?

In this post, I’ll list correct pronunciation of more than 250 commonly-mispronounced words in English. And places. And brands.

Best English Online Dictionaries – a Review of 7 Top Names

2019-01-17T22:07:50+05:30By |Pronunciation, Vocabulary|

I’ve extensively used online dictionaries, mainly dictionary.com (~ 80 percent) and Cambridge English Dictionary (~ 20 percent), to improve my pronunciation of more than 3,400 words and transfer more than 7,500 words from passive to active vocabulary.

I started with dictionary.com. Much later, when I tried Cambridge English Dictionary, I realized that dictionary.com, but for pronunciation, wasn’t the best overall option. It struck me then that many more users of online dictionaries may not be using the best dictionary and I decided to write a review of main dictionary brands at some point in future. And here it is.

In this post, I’ve reviewed (with ratings out of 10) well-known online dictionary brands on parameters that are usually the most valuable to users.

How to Improve Pronunciation – My Experience with 3,400+ Words?

2018-11-25T18:12:51+05:30By |Pronunciation|

Mispronouncing a word is one of the fastest ways to leave poor impression of your communication skills, especially when those listening to you are good at it. Even 1-2 pronunciation slipups in a 10-minute conversation are enough.

People naturally goof up at complex pronunciations (complex because the pronunciation can’t be inferred from the way the word is spelt, which is so common in English language), but I’ve observed many mispronouncing even common English words.

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