200+ Commonly Mispronounced Words in English

2020-02-01T18:03:00+05:30By |Spoken English, Pronunciation|

Non-native speakers mispronounce by the dozen every day. Even fluent speakers do. Even those working in high-paying white-collar jobs do.

Why have they been repeating these mistakes for years, even though mastering pronunciation isn’t that difficult?

The answer lies in this question: will they take corrective steps when they don’t even know they’re mispronouncing?

In this post, I’ll list correct pronunciation of more than 200 commonly-mispronounced words in English. And places. And brands.

Best English Online Dictionaries – a Review of 7 Top Names

2019-10-27T19:15:04+05:30By |Vocabulary, Pronunciation|

I’ve extensively used online dictionaries, mainly Cambridge English Dictionary and dictionary.com, to improve pronunciation and transfer thousands of words from passive to active vocabulary.

I started with dictionary.com. Much later, when I tried Cambridge English Dictionary, I realized that dictionary.com, but for pronunciation, wasn’t the best overall option. It struck me then that many more users of online dictionaries may not be using the best dictionary and I decided to write a review of main dictionary brands at some point in future. And here it is.

In this post, I’ve reviewed (with ratings out of 10) well-known online dictionary brands on parameters that are usually the most valuable to users.