Resource: Speaking

This page contains resources on speaking in English. (Note: The page will be updated as more resources on speaking are added to the site.)

How to speak better in English?

How to Speak Fluent English – A Comprehensive Guide?

40 Ways to Learn English [Beginner & Intermediate Level] [This resource covers written and as well as spoken English.]

10 Ways to Learn Spoken English Fast

Read Out Loud to Improve Your Fluency

How to Stop Translating and Start Thinking in English?

17 Ways to Improve Spoken English Without a Speaking Partner

Create Immersive Environment to Get Fluent in English Fast

How to Improve Listening Skills in English [Exercises and Resources Included]?

Hurdles and myths you must overcome

How to Overcome Hesitation in Speaking English?

Do You Get Stuck for Words While Speaking? Here Is a Quick Way to Improve

4 Reasons You Can Read, Write, and Listen English, but Can’t Speak

You’re Not Too Old to Speak English Fluently [Myth: Kids are good at learning language. At my age, I can’t.]

Biggest Reason You Lose Confidence When Speaking in a Group [Myth: I can never speak in front of a group.]

Everyone Has the Potential to Speak Fluent English [Myth: I don’t have the potential to speak as well as the speakers who have impressed me.]

You Can’t Become Fluent in English in 30 Days [Myth: A course will make me fluent in 30 days.]

Why Speaking Practice with Natives Isn’t Really Useful? [Myth: To get better at speaking, I need to practice with native speakers.]

Conversation practice and sample conversations

150+ Topics for Conversation and Speech in English [PDF Download]

Common English Phrases & Expressions (with examples) for 35+ Situations

Conversation Between Two Friends [on Four Topics]

Conversation Between Doctor and Patient [Five Scenarios]

Conversation Between Waiter and Guest [Two Scenarios]

Conversation Between Shopkeeper/ Salesman and Customer [Four Scenarios]

Conversation Between Nurse and Patient/ Attendant

How to respond in certain situations?

How to Say ‘Thank You’ in English?

How to Introduce Yourself in English [4 Situations with Examples]

How to Answer ‘How Are You’ And ‘What’s Up’ in English?

Self-introduction for Students [With Sample Intros]


7 Reasons Why Learning English Is Important?

4 Essential Grammar Rules for Spoken English

Why Most People Are Better at Speaking (English) Than at Writing?