How Self-Efficacy Can Help You Achieve Your Potential?

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In his death on 03 March 2018, Sir Roger Bannister left an enduring legacy that is much bigger than the breathtaking mile he ran more than six decades back.

For the starters, let’s travel back in time to understand what he accomplished.

On 06 May 1954, a skinny Oxford medical student, Roger Bannister, became the first person to run a mile under four minutes. Prior to this day, physiologists and athletes believed that running a mile under four minutes is beyond human prowess. His achievement is widely regarded as one of the defining sporting achievements of the twentieth century.

Hard Work Is Necessary but Not Sufficient For Big Success

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Have you worked on some important goal for months and years, but didn’t make much headway, stayed at an average level? Fitness. Studies. Financial goals. A skill.

Few, on the other hand, achieve their goals in the same or shorter period.

Hard work is table stakes. You’ve to put in the hours if you’re chasing a big goal, but that alone, more often than not, is not sufficient.

You Can Achieve Much More in 3 Years Than You Think

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What if someone told you that you can attain high level of proficiency (a level you admire, and aspire to achieve) in android development or writing or public speaking or a sport or any pursuit in 2-3 years. You’ll likely not believe.

People, by and large, overestimate what they can achieve in the short term (say, 3-4 months) and grossly underestimate what they can in 2-3 years.