Conversation Between Waiter and Guest [Two Scenarios]

This post contains two conversations: first, conversation between a waiter and guests (or customers) in a restaurant; second, conversation between a crew member (the person who takes your order) at a fast food joint and a guest.

The two main characters – the waiter and the guest – have been color-coded for ease of browsing. Explanations and activities outside the conversation have been put in brackets so that you can easily follow what’s happening. And last, my comments are in square brackets.

1. Conversation between a waiter and guests in a restaurant

Conversation between a waiter and guests in a restaurant

Guests: Can we’ve a table for two, please? [‘Can’ and ‘may’ show politeness.]

(The waiter guides the guests toward a table in a corner of the sprawling, brightly-lit room, which wasn’t to their liking.)

Guests: No, not this one. Can we get a table by the window, please?

Waiter: Sure. That one is unreserved.

(He leaves the guests at a window table and returns after few minutes.)

Waiter: Would you like plain water or bottled water?

Guests: Bottled water, please.

(He returns after few minutes.)

Waiter: Here is your water, sir. And here is the menu.

Waiter: Would you like something to start?

(The guests browse the menu.)

Guests: Can we’ve two sweet corn soups with some garlic bread and vegetable platter for starters?

(He returns after 10-odd minutes to serve the appetizers, another name for starters.)

Waiter: Here are your starters.

Guests: Thank you.

(The guests dip into the starters. The waiter comes back after 20-odd minutes, by when they had polished the plates and the bowls off.)

Waiter: Are you ready to order main course, sir?

Guests: Ya. Do you’ve any ‘special of the day’ or like at this place?

Waiter: No sir, we don’t have ‘special of the day’ here.

Guests: OK. No problem. Can we’ve…?

(They order few dishes for the main course.)

Guests: Please make it medium-spicy and less greasy.

Waiter: Sure.

Waiter: Something to drink, sir?

Guests: A glass of Pepsi for each.

(After 15-odd minutes, he serves the main course and the drinks.)

Waiter: Enjoy your meal.

Guests: Thank you.

(During the meal, the guests run out of onions and pickles. They look around and spot the waiter in the distance. One of them addresses him with a show of hand.)

Guests: Excuse me. [‘Hello’ or similar words are considered to be impolite.]

(The waiter notices them and approaches the table.)

Guests: Can we get an additional serving of onions and pickle?

Waiter: Sure.

(He does the needful. In some time, the guests finish the meal. Seeing that they were done, the waiter comes back.)

Waiter: Have you finished, sir?

Guests: Yes.

(He clears the table and comes back.)

Waiter: How do you find the food, sir?

Guests: We liked the food, and the service was prompt. Convey our appreciation to your chefs as well.

Waiter: We’re glad you enjoyed it.

Waiter: Would you like anything in dessert?

(The guests browse the menu again.)

Guests: We would like to have two portions of chocolate cake. By the way, how large are these portions?

Waiter: Two portions would be fine for the two of you.

Guests: Would you recommend anything else? Any specialty of this place?

Waiter: I would recommend our thin crust apple pie. It’s quite popular.

Guests: OK. Please get a portion of that as well split into two.

(The dessert, specifically the apple pie, exceeded their expectations and they were soon licking their fingers.)

Guests: The apple pie is delicious. Can we’ve another serving of it?

Waiter: Sure.

(He returns with another serving, which they finish in no time.)

Waiter: Can I get you anything else?

Guests: No, thank you. We’re stuffed.

Guests: Please get us the bill (or check).

(The guests pay the bill and leave the table.)

Guests: We liked the food and the ambience here.

Waiter: Thank you. It was pleasure serving you.

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2. Conversation between a crew member and a guest in a fast food joint

Conversation between a crew member and a guest in a fast food joint

(Note: crew member is the person who takes orders at the counter.)

The guest lines up in the queue for placing the order. Once his turn comes, the conversation unfolds like this:

Crew member: What would you like to order?

Guest: Can I have the veg burger, please?

Crew member: Sir, would you like to go with the combo offer, which will include fries and drink as well?

(The guest looks at the menu overhead on the wall.)

Guest: That looks much more economical. OK, I would go with the combo.

Crew member: Do you want the burger small, medium, or large?

Guest: Medium, please.

Crew member: Do you want to add cheese?

Guest: No, thank you.

Crew member: Have it here or take away? [‘Have it here’ means eating at the place. ‘Take away’ means getting the food packed and taking it away with you.]

Guest: Have it here.

(The guest pays, collects his order on a tray in 10 minutes, and then proceeds to a tall stool facing a long, narrow table.)

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