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Master Complex Punctuations Fast: 10% Rules That Cover 90% Errors [eBook and Course]

Do you know which of these two sentences is correctly punctuated with commas?

The chief executive officer of Dropbox, Drew Houston, said in a press release…

The vice president of Dropbox Michelle Adams said in a press release…


(If you’re used to putting comma where it feels like taking a pause, you’ll get hits as well as misses. That’s better than only blind guess.) The two sentences exemplify just one of the punctuation rules that account for most errors. Learn these few rules and cut down on your errors drastically.

Improve Pronunciation Fast: 2,000+ Commonly-Mispronounced Words [eBook]

If you’re like most, you would be mispronouncing words by the dozen every day. (Take the two exercises contained in the link below and check for yourself.) The biggest challenge faced by people trying to improve pronunciation is that they don’t know what words they mispronounce, and if you don’t know the problem, how do you solve it.

This eBook tries to solve this problem. It contains 2,000 commonly mispronounced words I’ve collected over the years to improve my own pronunciation, with correct pronunciation mentioned in written and audio form. You can use the list to make quick progress – and not wait years for these words to trickle in.

Write Sentences Like in Newspapers and Books [eBook and Course]

Do you want to write informative sentences like this?

Great white sharks mysteriously disappeared off the coast of South Africa for weeks together, raising the suspicion of over-fishing as the reason behind, but the culprit turned out to be a pair of orcas, the dolphin-lookalike, most-feared predator in the ocean, who were preying on great whites for their liver.

Take your writing to the next level – and also impress people – by writing advanced sentences like the ones in newspapers and books in a step-wise process.