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Best English Online Dictionaries – a Review of 7 Top Names

I’ve extensively used online dictionaries, mainly (~ 80 percent) and Cambridge English Dictionary (~ 20 percent), to improve my pronunciation of more than 3,400 words and transfer more than 7,500 words from passive to active vocabulary.

I started with Much later, when I tried Cambridge English Dictionary, I realized that, but for pronunciation, wasn’t the best overall option. It struck me then that many more users of online dictionaries may not be using the best dictionary and I decided to write a review of main dictionary brands at some point in future.

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Books & Novels [Difficulty Wise] You Can Read to Improve English

Reading improves English.

It particularly improves your written English, but it also improves your spoken English indirectly through better vocabulary, being better informed on range of topics, and learning how to build your arguments. You can make your reading work even further for your spoken English by reading out loud. You may read the following post to learn how reading can benefit your English:

5 Ways Reading Improves English + Best Practices to Read

Before we get into the thick of this blog post, I’ll briefly narrate few steps you can take to make reading a habit:

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Best Books on Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking etc. to improve English

‘What are the best books on grammar, punctuation, writing, speaking, pronunciation, and vocabulary I can refer to improve my English?’

This is a common question from people who’re working on their English.

You need books to learn the basic rules of some aspects of English such as grammar, but, by and large, you don’t need books to learn other aspects such as pronunciation.

Here are few books (or no books where they aren’t required) you can refer to improve your English:

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5 Ways Reading Improves English + Best Practices to Read

Reading improves English.

If practiced correctly, reading can accelerate vocabulary-building, improve grammar, and sharpen writing. Although reading doesn’t directly impact your spoken English, it can to some extent improve it through better vocabulary, reading out loud, and a deeper knowledge base.

First off, let’s cover few cardinal rules of reading that will get you the most out of your reading:

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