Exercises on Personification

In each of the following exercises, find out if the sentence uses personification. If yes, then also identify the key words that depict personification.

To understand personification and how they’re written, refer to these resources:

Exercise 1

1. My first novel was crucified.

2. I met Martha on a blind date.

3. The loose paper broke free into air, enjoying its flight while it lasted.

4. The horse refused mounting of saddle on its back.

5. Long arm of the law finally caught up with the criminal.

Answers to Exercise 1

1. Yes. Crucified

2. Yes. Blind

3. Yes. Enjoying

4. No. Animals can refuse in their own way. Inanimate objects can’t.

5. Yes. Long arm

Exercise 2

1. My faith in my friend evaporated after he failed to help me in time of need.

2. When I reached the office on Monday, the building looked no less dreaded than a haunted fort.

3. Grand Canyon stood emphatically over hundreds of miles.

4. The uncomfortable, pointed questions from journalists hit the CEO like spears.

5. Lions were hoodwinked by a group of people who stole their kill.

Answers to Exercise 2

1. Yes. Evaporated

2. No. The building isn’t showing any human characteristic. Looked here refers to how I’m seeing the building.

3. Yes. Stood emphatically

4. Yes. Hit

5. No. Lions aren’t showing any human characteristic. Here, people have hoodwinked, not lions.

Exercise 3

1. The ground shook.

2. As the weather cleared, the squirrels danced in joy.

3. After disintegrating and digesting the wooden almirah, the termites eyed the chair.

4. The new rocket couldn’t believe its luck on getting a free trip to space.

5. Our soldiers’ blood beckons us to support them in our own little way.

Answers to Exercise 3

1. No. Ground can shake during an earthquake. It’s not an exclusively human characteristic.

2. Yes. Danced

3. Yes. EyedDisintegrating and digesting aren’t personifying here. Termites do disintegrate wood and, like any living creature, they do digest.

4. Yes. Believe its luck

5. Yes. Beckons

Exercise 4

1. A team from University of Toronto recently discovered water in a Canadian mine that was waiting to be collected for 1.6 billion years.

2. Jewellery is a girl’s best friend.

3. The carved pumpkin sat on the table, smiling and observing Halloween preparations.

4. Her outfit was bold and daring.

5. The metro door opened in its inimitable style and welcomed the travelers.

Answers to Exercise 4

1. Yes. Waiting

2. Yes. Friend

3. Yes. Satsmiling, and observing

4. Yes. Bold and daring

5. Yes. Inimitable style and welcomed

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