Proverbs and Sayings on Love [With Meaning and Example]

Proverbs and sayings are popular nuggets of wisdom, often in circulation for centuries and even millenniums. This post contains proverbs and sayings on love.

If you’re looking for more proverbs and sayings, you can find plenty of them in the resource below. It contains proverbs on topics such as life, family, friends, love, health, happiness, money, hard work, time, time management, teamwork, leadership, business, education & learning, and more.

Love and cough cannot be hidden.

Despite best efforts, you cannot hide love like you cannot hide cough.

Example: The relationship between the two cine stars became widely known, despite efforts to keep it under wraps. Love and cough cannot be hidden.

Love laughs at locksmiths.

Locksmiths make locks, which are used to confine people or things. But love can’t be confined. It finds a way. That’s why love laughs at locksmiths.

Example: The girl’s family was against her marriage to her former classmate, but the two, with great effort, convinced her family. Despite hiccups, their love found a way. It’s rightly said love laughs at locksmiths.

Love will find a way.

Path of love isn’t always easy: Opposition from family, financial problem, distance, and other problems can create roadblocks. But love finds a way through these problems.

Example: They’ve managed to keep their relationship going despite living in distant cities for three years. Love will find a way.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

True love goes through ups and downs.

Example: Romeo and Juliet went through lot of trials and tribulations in their love. The course of true love, it seems, never did run smooth.

Love me little, love me long.

Mild affection is more likely to last long than burning passion.

Example: Many relationships these days start on high passion but die down quickly because of lack of commitment. People, therefore, crave for mild but long-lasting affection. Love me little, love me long, in other words.

Love me, love my dog.

A Russian proverb. If you love someone, then you should love them as they come with their qualities, shortcomings, friends, family, and so on.

Example: If you love her, then you should love her family and friends as well. Love me, love my dog. Isn’t it?

When love is not madness, it’s not love.

A Spanish proverb. People can do things in love that, to an outsider, may look madness.

Example: Love stories are replete with examples of people doing crazy things in love. It seems that when love is not madness, it is not love.

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Love makes the world go round.

If you strip off all superfluous things in life, you’ll find that it’s love and affection that keep us going and make life worth living.

Example: After losing her son in war, she lost zest for life for a long time. Love makes the world go around, after all.

Where there is no trust, there is no love.

Love rests on the foundation of trust. If the foundation collapses, love too collapses.

Example: I wasn’t surprised when our neighbours filed for divorce as they had regular verbal duels in the past over not being transparent with each other on certain matters. Clearly, where there is no trust, there is no love.

One cannot love and be wise.

People can be irrational in love.

Example: He has fallen for the wrong person as they’ve serious compatibility issues, but then one cannot love and be wise.

Love is blind.

Similar to the last one

Love begets love.

If you show love and affection to someone, you’ll be reciprocated with same emotions.

Example: Even animals reciprocate love. Love does beget love.

Faults are thick where love is thin.

If the love is shallow, people will find faults in each other.

Example: We occasionally overhear accusations and counter-accusations coming from the neighbouring family. Faults are thick where love is thin.

When the wolf comes in at the door, love creeps out of the window.

When financial distress comes in, love and relationships fall apart. (Here, ‘wolf’ refers to poverty.)

Example: I’ve seen cracks developing in relationships in my extended family when financial wellbeing of the family was affected. When the wolf comes in at the door, love creeps out of the window.

Heart that loves is always young.

A Greek proverb. A person in love is full of hope and buoyancy, which keep him young.

Example: Since he started dating, Tom looks buoyant, energetic, and a man with goals in life. Heart that loves is always young.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

When you’re away from someone, you miss them more.

Example: While I was away on one-month training, I missed by family more than I did in normal circumstances. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love.

Quarrels are not necessarily bad. Lovers, or even friends, make their relationship stronger if they understand and accommodate the differences that led to the quarrel.

Example: I occasionally see the neighborhood couple argue, but it seems to have only strengthened their relationship. Their quarrel has led to renewal of love.

The next two proverbs are similar in meaning to the last proverb.

Deep are the quarrels, deep becomes the love.

Lover’s anger is fuel to love.

A lover’s anger is short-lived.

People who love don’t play to ego and hold resentment. They make up quickly.

Example: Marie was mad at her boyfriend for missing the crucial flight, but then she soon forgot it. A lover’s anger is short-lived.

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

A French proverb. We don’t appreciate the worth of love till it leaves us.

Example: My cousin often broods over the time spent with his girlfriend, which he didn’t appreciate that much when they were together. We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

All is fair in love and war.

One can deploy any means, fair or unfair, to win in love and war.

Example: In the movie Aladdin, the thief takes help from the genie to impress the princess. All is fair in love and war.

He who hesitates is lost.

He who hesitates in expressing love usually loses the opportunity.

Example: My friend couldn’t muster the courage to express his love to his colleague even though he thought that the affection was mutual. Few months later, she started dating someone else. He who hesitates is lost.

Faint heart never won fair lady.

You’ve to make effort and be bold to achieve something difficult. The proverb applies to variety of situations and particularly to matters of love because of its literal meaning.

Example: I wasn’t ready for the time and effort required to pursue, court, and endure potential heartbreak, and therefore didn’t succeed in love. Faint heart never won fair lady.

Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

Someone who does well in a pursuit, including professional, won’t do well in romantic relationship.

Example: He has climbed most ladders in his short professional life and earned enviable wealth, but he has had quite a few failures in love. Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

Whom Gods love die young.

Those who die young are freed by God from sufferings of the world and are sent into a world of happiness. Hence, they’re said to be loved by God.

Example: My friend died at just 35 from an avoidable accident, but then I think that whom Gods love die young.

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