Exercises on Relative Adverb

This post contains exercises on relative adverb (where, when, and why). To understand concepts covered in these exercises, refer to what’s relative adverb and how it’s used.

In the three exercises that follow, identify the relative adverb that would fit best in each sentence?

Exercise 1

1. People often get lost in large organizations, _____ they become just one of the cogs in a large wheel.

2. Rare are days like these _____ nothing seems to go your way.

3. Consistent placement performance is the reason _____ our college attracts so many applicants every year.

4. How can I forget the moment _____ I stood on the podium?

5. We’ve reached a point _____ we either go all out or go bankrupt.

Answers to Exercise 1

1. Where

2. When

3. Why

4. When

5. Where

Exercise 2

1. There was a moment _____ I doubted that we would win.

2. Are we heading to a place _____ we can no longer call ourselves liberal?

3. But in dialogue attribution, _____ manner adverbs are commonly used to show the manner in which the dialogue is said, even simple verbs of attribution such as said and told can work more often than not.

4. The reason _____ some people with HIV live longer are not understood well.

5. The two days at the reunion, _____ we reminisced the years gone by, were so blissful.

Answers to Exercise 2

1. When

2. Where

3. Where

4. Why

5. When

Exercise 3

To make things difficult, sentences in this exercise will require not just relative adverb (where, when, and why) but also relative pronoun (who, whom, whose, which, and that).

1. The visit to the town _____ I spent the first twelve years of my life brought in a flood of memories.

2. Qutub Minar, _____ was built by Qutub-ud-Din Aibak, is located in New Delhi.

3. That’s one of the main reasons _____ he has risen fast in the organization.

4. You can have endless argument over which country plays the best cricket: England, _____ the game originated, or India, _____ the game has the biggest following.

5. Steve Jobs, _____ is credited with launching innovative products such as iPod and iPhone that catapulted Apple to stratospheric level, was an iconic entrepreneur.

Answers to Exercise 3

1. Where (relative adverb)

2. Which

3. Why (relative adverb)

4. Where/Where (relative adverb)

5. Who

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