Examples of Simple Sentence [Short and Long]

This post presents examples of simple sentences, sentences containing one independent clause and no dependent clauses, in two different ways. Whereas the second way (‘More examples of simple sentences’) is self-explanatory, the first (‘Examples of simple sentences’) requires some background information.

In the first, each example has two sentences:

  • A bare-minimum simple sentence
  • A simple sentence formed by adding several phrases to the first sentence. This will give you an idea of how simple sentences can pack in lot of information and can get long and powerful while staying simple. (As long as you don’t add clauses to a simple sentence, it stays simple.)

To get the most out of these examples, notice that the second sentence still contains one independent clause and no dependent clause, a condition for being simple sentence.

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Note: Comments that go with examples are in square brackets.

Examples of simple sentences

1. John Isner served an ace.

John Isner flung the towel towards the ball boy, approached the baseline, bounced the ball few times, tossed it up, and smacked it hard, sending a 134-mph ace and the fans into a frenzy.

2. Global warming is a real threat.

With average surface temperature of the planet rising 1.0-degree Fahrenheit in the last hundred years, global warming is a real threat waiting to wreak untold misery on the mankind.

3. The court asked the police to submit status report in the case.

Apart from directing the police to not arrest the petitioner, the court asked the police to submit status report giving details of investigation done so far in the case.

4. The college is taking steps to accommodate extra students this year.

In view of the growing number of students seeking admission this year, the college has streamlined its admission process and initiated weekend and evening classes to accommodate extra students.

5. The city was flooded in the recent downpour.

Yet again, the city came to a grinding halt after the downpour, flooding the low-lying parts, stranding commuters into mile-long traffic jams, and undoubtedly exposing tall claims of the civic body on their preparedness to deal with the problem.

6. Quarantine requirement despite vaccination has become a sore point between some countries.

Quarantine requirement despite vaccination has become a sore point between some countries because of refusal of some to reciprocate the terms, leading to tit-for-tat causing in unnecessary trouble to travelers.

7. The puppy nibbled the wooden furniture.

After finishing his meal, the puppy, 3-month-old, nibbled the wooden table, leaving irreparable scars on its legs.

8. Roger Federer had 81-4 winning record in 2005.

At his peak, Roger Federer had 81-4 winning record in 2005, a record second only to John McEnroe’s 82-3 in 1984, reaching 12 finals and winning 3 grand slams.

9. To land her dream job after college, Sally worked hard.

To land her dream job after college, Sally maintained good academic standing through her four years at the college, gained crucial skills required at the workplace, networked in the company, and prepared like hell for the recruitment process.

10. The author delves on religions worshipping one God.

The author delves in great detail on religions worshipping one God while denying the existence of other gods, but doesn’t explain reasons for some religions such as Buddhism not following any deity.

11. A start-up’s survival depends on product-market fit and distribution channel.

Contrary to some expert opinion, survival of a start-up often comes down to finding product-market fit and a distribution channel to market its product.

12. Many children in refugee camps grew up unbeknownst of their past.

Many children in refugee camps, a harsh reality of today’s conflicts and wars, grew up in a world not knowing their lineage and the place they belong to.

13. The transport department is planning to bring back trains under repair to ease crowding.

Despite opposition from the overworked train drivers, the transport department is planning to bring back trains under repair to ease crowding, a move snowballing into a controversy, with some politicians jumping on to the side of drivers.

14. Five bogies of the train caught fire between stations A and B.

After derailment due to sudden application of break on seeing a stray animal on the track, five bogies of the train caught fire between stations A and B, resulting in more than dozen fatalities and stopping of train traffic for several hours.

15. Locals have accused the mining company of doing nothing positive for the region.

Locals have accused the mining company of doing nothing positive for the region and disturbing the fragile ecology, forcing the company to take steps such as employing locals and spending CSR funds in the areas of their operation.

More examples of simple sentences

1. Tigers and jaguars can swim when required but not climb trees. [Compound subject and compound predicate]

2. Did the learner explain his opinion and incorporate details supporting the opinion? [Compound predicate]

3. After coming back from the office, I proceeded to take bath. [This and the next two sentences start with a participial phrase and not a dependent clause.]

4. Although well prepared for the exam, I was feeling anxious.

5. When not assembling and un-assembling robots, Mac likes to play basketball.

6. When Mac is not assembling and un-assembling robots, he likes to play basketball. [When Mac… robots is a dependent clause (adverb clause), making it a complex sentence.]

7. With the rain not relenting even after twenty hours, the gates of the dam had to be opened to avoid any untoward incident. [Another phrase in the beginning, this time absolute phrase. Note that relenting is not a finite verb (is relenting is), implying Withtwenty hours is not a dependent clause.]

8. Can you tell how to create a design without Photoshop? [how to create is not a dependent clause as it lacks a finite verb.]

9. Don’t open a topic hurtful to others. [Imperative sentence]

10. Don’t open a topic that might hurt people around. [It contains a dependent clause (relative clause): that might hurt people around.]

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