Before we jump to the list of tongue twisters, let’s take a quick look at the two cardinal rules for saying them.

Two rules to speak tongue twisters

  • Say them fast. The faster, the better. If you say slowly, you can say the most difficult tongue twister in the world without fumbling. Right?
  • If the tongue twister is short – a short sentence comprising of few words – repeat it at least thrice in quick succession. (Most in the list below would fall into the category of short tongue twisters.) If they’re long, say them once.

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A word of note before you jump into the list below: If you’re looking for a particular tongue twister, run a ‘Ctrl + F’ on this page with the key word. For example, if you’re looking for the tongue twister on undertaker do a ‘Ctrl + F’ with ‘undertaker’.

Here is the list of more than 200 tongue twisters. Speak them out regularly and you’ll improve your pronunciation and fluency.

noun_144991_51A7F9Ape cakes, grape cakes.

noun_95360_51A7F9Kinky kite kits.

noun_1386990_51A7F9The fickle finger of fate flips fat frogs flat.

noun_465809_51A7F9Kookie cookies.

noun_1406450_51A7F9Avery’s army’s armory.

noun_1598216_51A7F9Poor pure Pierre.

noun_1259066_51A7F9Six small slick seals.

noun_949808_51A7F9Real rear wheels.

noun_861694_51A7F9There goes one tough top cop.

noun_885886_51A7F9Twenty tender tree stumps.

noun_1033938_51A7F9Bill built a big brick building.

noun_766243_51A7F9Ava ate eighty eggs.

noun_541896_51A7F9Three free through trains.

noun_485237_51A7F9Keenly cleaning copper kettles.

noun_200490_51A7F9Peggy Babcock’s mummy.

noun_235645_51A7F9Sixty-six sticky skeletons.

noun_67583_51A7F9Nineteen nice knights.

noun_358618_51A7F9Literally literary.

noun_1203485_51A7F9A knapsack strap.

noun_948211_51A7F9Hiccup teacup.

noun_311184_51A7F9Goats and ghosts.

noun_493095_51A7F9Cheap sheep soup.

noun_185209_51A7F9Red blood, green blood.

noun_1474570_51A7F9Chip’s ship sank.

noun_683060_51A7F9Carol quarreled.

noun_62836_51A7F9Big B-52 bombers.

noun_1019115_51A7F9Black bug’s blood.

noun_1065722_51A7F9Swatch watch.

noun_485268_51A7F9Red bug’s blood, bed bug’s blood.

noun_573829_51A7F9Alice asks for axes.

noun_425954_51A7F9Thelma sings the theme song.

noun_568392_51A7F9A batter, a banana, and a bandana.

noun_1154075_51A7F9Bland Bea blinks back.

noun_625941_51A7F9Carl called Claude.

noun_1351322_51A7F9Curt carved curves.

noun_591413_51A7F9Elegant elephants.

noun_906893_51A7F9Eleven little leather loafers.

noun_868623_51A7F9Free kiwis.

noun_89710_51A7F9Ex-disk jockey.

noun_633323_51A7F9Fifteen filthy flying foxes.

noun_1151833_51A7F9A fine field of wheat.

noun_101332_51A7F9Flawless porcelain flasks.

noun_164592_51A7F9Friendly fleas and fireflies.

noun_1168995_51A7F9Five fat French fleas freeze.

noun_238964_51A7F9Four fliers flip-flop.

noun_1574157_51A7F9Sad skunk.

noun_340924_51A7F9The flurry fly flitted from flower to flower.

noun_1294023_51A7F9Fresh figs.

noun_831760_51A7F9Fine fresh fodder.

noun_346166_51A7F9Free flag.

noun_677832_51A7F9Four frightening flashes.

noun_650698_51A7F9Greek grapes.

noun_927346_51A7F9Good blood, bad blood.

noun_982003_51A7F9Pre-shrunk silk skirts.

noun_235445_51A7F9Hurry, Harry!

noun_222578_51A7F9Has Hal’s heel healed?

noun_103099_51A7F9A gentle judge judges justly.

noun_1280767_51A7F9Knee deep, deep knee.

noun_1014803_51A7F9This disk sticks.

noun_356385_51A7F9Lily little lit a little lamp.

noun_1387449_51A7F9Which witch is which?

noun_15631_51A7F9Luminous aluminum.

noun_145024_51A7F9Soft, smooth snake skin.

noun_1601860_51A7F9Mr. Melton made a metal motor.

noun_977705_51A7F9The tailor’s tactics took twice the time.

noun_244838_51A7F9Much mashed mushrooms.

noun_1059287_51A7F9Plain bun, plum bun.

noun_568382_51A7F9The plum pickers plucked the plump plums.

noun_676780_51A7F9Ted sent Stan ten tents.

noun_574474_51A7F9Pick a purple pocket.

noun_432556_51A7F9Thin sticks, thick bricks.

noun_440934_51A7F9Pale pink plumage.

noun_1045915_51A7F9Rough rural roads.

noun_261713_51A7F9Six crisp snacks.

noun_153688_51A7F9Sixteen slim, silky slippers.

noun_339712_51A7F9Short swords.

noun_382660_51A7F9Slick silk.

noun_29035_51A7F9Strange strategic statistics.

noun_687734_51A7F9Sharp sharkskin shoes.

noun_81022_51A7F9Scams, stings, and skullduggery.

noun_467952_51A7F9Thirteen drummers thumping drums.

noun_1158117_51A7F9Two ticket takers took a taxi.

noun_486256_51A7F9She sees cheese.

noun_291614_51A7F9Three thick things.

noun_1479191_51A7F9Truly rural.

noun_689061_51A7F9Unsung songs.

noun_754681_51A7F9Flash message.

noun_1262752_51A7F9Twelve tiny thread tweezers.

noun_659093_51A7F9The short soldier shoots straight.

noun_569292_51A7F9Valuable valley villas.

noun_1508132_51A7F9Real wristwatch straps.

noun_1235888_51A7F9White wings, round rings.

noun_659847_51A7F9War-weary warriors.

noun_318028_51A7F9Yellow leather, red feather.

noun_240905_51A7F9The glum groom grew glummer.

noun_547904_51A7F9Four frightening flashes.

noun_898169_51A7F9Disgruntled dishwashers don’t wash dishes.

noun_208702_51A7F9Deer’s ears hear clear cheers.

noun_1081935_51A7F9Eighteen apes ate eighteen apricots.

noun_949981_51A7F9Stupid superstition.

noun_215573_51A7F9Steven Stanley sees seven stars.

noun_119079_51A7F9Wire rimmed wheels.

noun_371_51A7F9Weary railroad workers.

noun_63884_51A7F9Once really wet red whale.

noun_1387911_51A7F9King Kong plays Ping-Pong.

noun_694066_51A7F9Frank flunked French.

noun_770826_51A7F9No one knows Wayne.

noun_592070_51A7F9Red lorry, yellow lorry.

noun_489239_51A7F9Dave’s dogs dig deep ditches.

noun_667074_51A7F9Prates private property.

noun_649562_51A7F9Eight apes ate Nate’s tape.

noun_95572_51A7F9Four furious friends fought for the phone.

noun_72958_51A7F9Black background, brown background.

noun_1189827_51A7F9Do thick tinkers think?

noun_1583322_51A7F9Kirk’s starched shirts.

noun_870663_51A7F9When the computer crashed, the class gasped.

noun_13994_51A7F9The flood flooded Frank’s floor.

noun_798929_51A7F9Bob bought a bleached blue-beaded blazer.

noun_84369_51A7F9Sharpshooters should shoot slowly.

noun_173517_51A7F9Nine nimble noblemen nibbled nuts.

noun_1541862_51A7F9Five fat French fleas freeze.

noun_882213_51A7F9Jim jogs in the gym. Jane jogs in the jungle.

noun_94154_51A7F9No shark shares swordfish steak.

noun_1316940_51A7F9She shrieks as she stiches sheets.

noun_627921_51A7F9Bridget builds bigger bridges than Barbara, but the bridges Barbara builds are better than the bridges Bridget builds.

noun_1006214_51A7F9Sloppy skiers slide on slick ski slopes.

noun_28985_51A7F9Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers? Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

noun_584413_51A7F9Exercise instructors instruct struggling exercisers to exercise strongly.

noun_1506414_51A7F9Surely the sun shall shine soon.

noun_1310621_51A7F9Sharon sewed six shiny suits.

noun_1211853_51A7F9She saw Sherif’s shoes on the sofa. But was she so sure she saw Sherif’s shoes on the sofa?

noun_1497620_51A7F9I like New York, unique New York, I like unique New York.

noun_1081926_51A7F9A slimy snake slithered down the sandy Sahara.

noun_253844_51A7F9It is so chilly, the silly child should soon shut the shutters.

noun_1110152_51A7F9The throne was frozen. It was a frozen throne.

noun_11778_51A7F9Swan swam over the sea. Swim, swan, swim! Swan swam back again. Well swum swan!

noun_1204910_51A7F9Shoes and socks shock Susan.

noun_98052_51A7F9The soldier’s shoulder surely hurts.

noun_22298_51A7F9If he slipped, should she slip?

noun_902961_51A7F9The sun shines on the shop signs.

noun_1374238_51A7F9A big black bat flew past. A big brown bat flew past. Did the big black bat fly past faster than the big brown bat flew past?

noun_68906_51A7F9Some shun summer sunshine.

noun_1231209_51A7F9If I assist a sister-assistant, will the sister’s sister-assistant assist me?

noun_7118_51A7F9I have a black-backed bath brush. Do you have a black-backed bath brush?

noun_41623_51A7F9Shallow sailing ships should shun shallow shoals.

noun_988784_51A7F9The king would sing, about a ring that would go ding.

noun_838794_51A7F9If you notice this notice, you will notice that this notice is not worth noticing.

noun_1576745_51A7F9Does someone know a synonym for cinnamon? Someone once said that cinnamon has no synonym.

noun_1552224_51A7F9Insects. Six insects. Six sick insects.

noun_114572_51A7F9High roller. Low roller. Lower a roller.

noun_76241_51A7F9Ted threw Fred thirty-three free throws.

noun_1130842_51A7F9Debbie didn’t destroy Darrell’s dishes. Darrell destroyed Debbie’s dishes.

noun_1235532_51A7F9Rival river runners rode the wild river.

noun_876087_51A7F9Fancy Nancy didn’t fancy doing fancy work. But Fancy Nancy’s fancy auntie did fancy Nancy doing fancy work. So Fancy Nancy did fancy work for Fancy Nancy’s fancy auntie.

noun_632007_51A7F9Something stinks and I think what stinks are the things in the sink.

noun_111240_51A7F9Suzie’s sister saw some scissors Suzie set on her sofa.

noun_1473551_51A7F9The fuzzy bee buzzed the buzzy busy beehive.

noun_912732_51A7F9The rhino wore a white ribbon.

noun_344530_51A7F9Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?

noun_1241175_51A7F9Ray’s runway runs one way.

noun_27008_51A7F9A proper cup of coffee from a proper copper coffee pot.

noun_1227532_51A7F9Six sick shorn sheep.

noun_486916_51A7F9Nancy naps at noon and Nick knows it’s not nice to knock when Nancy’s napping.

noun_835794_51A7F9Sally sells soil samples at the soil store. Sometimes there are seashells in the soil samples Sally sells.

noun_1131758_51A7F9Betty bought a bit of butter. But the butter Betty bought was bitter. So Betty bought a better butter, and it was better than the butter Betty bought before.

noun_537759_51A7F9Stacks of salty snacks make Sam slurp and smack.

noun_28447_51A7F9Under the mother otter, uttered the other otter.

noun_858411_51A7F9Quakes cause cracks.

noun_482406_51A7F9She sells seashells by the seashore.

noun_366143_51A7F9The vicious visitors visited the virtual village.

noun_564778_51A7F9Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches?

noun_633770_51A7F9Please prune plum trees promptly.

noun_372508_51A7F9Knit this net with neat knots. Knots that are not neat are not the knots this net needs.

noun_1381571_51A7F9Mr. Spink thinks the sphinx stinks.

noun_653_51A7F9A big black bear sat on a big black rug.

noun_908199_51A7F9She sells Swiss sweets.

noun_545219_51A7F9Shameless shepherds shampoo shy sheep.

noun_711386_51A7F9Should she shut summer shutters slowly or should she shut summer shutters swiftly?

noun_1404913_51A7F9Flat flying fish fly faster than flat, flying fleas.

noun_766253_51A7F9Edgar at eight ate eight eggs a day.

noun_24118_51A7F9He threw three free throws.

noun_597485_51A7F9Penny penned a pretty poem.

noun_712819_51A7F9The shepherd swiftly sheared the sleepy sheep with the sharp scissors.

noun_1004832_51A7F9The captain’s cook was a crook because he took the clock locked in the captain’s kitchen cupboard.

noun_53364_51A7F9Billy Wood said he would carry the wood through the woods. And if Wood said he would, Wood would.

noun_320209_51A7F9Stan stopped stealing Sam’s stamps.

noun_248817_51A7F9Pretty poor peace prospects.

noun_1546695_51A7F9Charles chose the chief cheap sheep section.

noun_35524_51A7F9Four fine fresh fish for you.

noun_105624_51A7F9New cheese, blue cheese, chew cheese please.

noun_1417193_51A7F9The boy blinked at the blank bank blackboard.

noun_410088_51A7F9I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen.

noun_231046_51A7F9Angels hang ancient anchors at angles that anger ogres.

noun_110402_51A7F9Does this shop stock shot silk shorts?

noun_245600_51A7F9Sarah slurped soda through straight, striped soda straws.

noun_1207160_51A7F9The sad soldier should shoot soon.

noun_267833_51A7F9If a dog chews shoes, whose shoes does he choose?

noun_1556785_51A7F9Remove the raw rice. Once the raw rice is removed, roast the white rice.

noun_362038_51A7F9The minx mixed a medicine mixture.

noun_589948_51A7F9Old Howell owned a house on which old owls howled.

noun_545222_51A7F9Six snakes sniffed six sticks. The snakes sniffed so softly that their sniffing seemed silent. Soon their soft sniffing stopped. Then the six snakes that sniffed the six sticks simply slithered away.

noun_5113_51A7F9An undertaker undertook to undertake an undertaking. The undertaking that the undertaker undertook was the hardest undertaking the undertaker ever undertook to undertake.

noun_1169713_51A7F9Tie a knot, tie a knot. Tie a tight, tight knot. Tie a knot in the shape of a nought.

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